Backpacking in the Aegean Sea, Greece


Maouli Square on Syros Don`t be put off by the busy commercial port of Syros. Museums and architecture abound but also good beaches in the south. Link IconREAD OUR GUIDE TO SYROS


Busy island with great religious festivals


North coast of Ikaria Another island cut in half by mountains. Head for the North coast for some lovely beaches near Armenistis. READ OUR GUIDE TO IKARIA


Pythagorio on Samos With lush pine clad mountains, Samos is one of the prettiest islands in the Aegean and literally a mile from Turkey. READ OUR GUIDE TO SAMOS


Port on Sifnos Impressive mountains tower over you as you enter the port of Sifnos with a nice beach to your left. READ OUR GUIDE TO SIFNOS


The Portara at Naxos With a cosmopolitan port, miles of sandy beaches and the highest peak in the Cyclades, Naxos could have it all. READ OUR GUIDE TO NAXOS


Beach at Koufonissi Very small and flat but with some lovely beaches means you won`t be on your own but still feels relaxed. READ OUR GUIDE TO KOUFONISSI


Windmill at Schinoussa Very low key compared to Naxos and even Koufonissi but after a while this island really grows on you. READ OUR GUIDE TO SCHINOUSSA


Olmpia shipwreck at Amorgos The ship wreck featured in the film - The Big Blue and the amazing monastery of Hozeviotissa are just 2 reasons to visit Amorgos. READ OUR GUIDE TO AMORGOS


The Castle of St John at Patmos Arriving at Patmos at night is truly a sight as the castle comes into view as you round the bay. Good campsite too. READ OUR GUIDE TO PATMOS


Ios harour in Greece Amazingly popular with the younger crowd through July and August but outside these months it is relaxing place with some great beaches and a pretty capital. READ OUR GUIDE TO to Ios


Lipsi in the Greek Islands A little out of the way but connected to its neighbours by the convenient small ferry - The Nissos Kalymnos READ OUR GUIDE TO TO LIPSI


Kleftiko on Milos A geologists dream with some amazing rock formations but also a busy port and a great campsite. READ OUR GUIDE TO MILOS


Sikinos in the Greek Islands Much more relaxed than its neighbours Ios & Santorini this island may be too quiet for some, but we love it. READ OUR GUIDE TO SIKINOS


Folegandros in the Greek Islands For once you don`t stay on the coast as all the island life is in the Hora with some fantastic views. READ OUR GUIDE TO FOLEGANDROS


Ships calling at Santorini in Greece The beaches aren`t great but the view and experience of the caldera with island life clinging on to the cliffs make up for this. READ OUR GUIDE TO SANTORINI


Ships calling at Santorini in Greece Most people visit Nissiros on a day trip from Kos but a longer stay is worth experiencing the lazy island life when the `touristas` have gone. READ OUR GUIDE TO NISSIROS


Simi in Greece Simi was only relinquished by the Italians in 1943 and as you pull into the port of Yialos you could almost think you were in the wrong country. READ OUR GUIDE TO SYMI


Rhodes in Greece Now very commercial but still worth the visit with some wonderful architecture and a great place to shop. READ OUR GUIDE TO RHODES


Karpathos in Greece There are 2 distinct halves to Karpathos with a modern south and traditional north where national costume is still worn by some. READ OUR GUIDE TO KARPATHOS


Crete in Greece Massive in comparison to all the other Greek islands but with diminishing traditional customs the south is now the best destination for independent travellers. READ OUR GUIDE TO CRETE

Welcome to our guide to backpacking in Greece particularly in the Greek Islands of the Aegean Sea.
From the spectacular views of Santorini to the lazy island life of Sikinos, the amazing geology of Milos or the commercial business on Syros. We give you an impartial and independent travelog of the beautiful islands in Greece.
The purpose of these pages is to give prospective backpackers to the Greek Islands in the Southern Aegean Sea a more personal view of an island before they actually visit.
Plus, each island review has a photobook section crammed with images of the landscape, beaches, tavernas and more. Also, feel free to download Desktop / Wallpapers of the Greek Islands or browse our short movies of some of the Greek Islands.

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Naoussa on Paros The Portara at Naxos Klima on Milos Yialos Harbour in Ios The Panagia Ekatondapiliani (Now Agios Georgios) Leaving Sikinos The Wreck of the Olympia near Katapol on Amorgos